The Michigan Moose Association is made of thousands of Loyal men and women who support the Children at Mooseheart and the Senior Members at Moosehaven, while supporting their local community.

$100.00 ticket raffle winners

1st Place $5,000.00 ticket 232 Carl Flierman

2nd Place $1,500.00 ticket 310 Highland Moose Lodge
3rd Place $1,000.00 ticket 178 Celery City John Weir Group
4th Place $500.00 ticket 296 Ray Horn
5th Place $500.00 ticket 94 Mount Clemens Moose Lodge
6th Place $500.00 ticket 89 Hamtramck Moose Lodge
7th Place $250.00 ticket 388 Ron Wartella
8th Place $250.00 ticket 128 Brooklyn Chapter
9th Place $250.00 ticket 284 Lowell Moose Lodge
10th Place $250.00 ticket 321 Roger Wallaert

The sellers of the $100.00 tickets get a 10% incentive for selling the $100.00 tickets.

$20.00 Past President ticket winners

$500.00 ticket 77 Donna Breen
$500.00 ticket 62 Mike Pettit

Rev It Up Ride for Michigan Special Olympics details announced.  Visit the website here Rev It Up 2014

The Rev It Up Ride is a statewide motorcycle ride, bringing riders together from across Michigan to Mt. Pleasant, MI, the home of Special Olympics Michigan's Summer Games.

Riders will be treated to a Special Recognition Ceremony, including a light meal, a ride through the campus of Central Michigan University, an autograph signing session for the athletes participating in the Summer Games, and participation in the Closing Ceremonies of the Summer Games.

Please helps us Rev It Up for the athletes of Special Olympics Michigan and those supported by Michigan Moose Charities. 

rev it up.jpg

State and Lodge Newsletters  

State and Lodge Newsletters



Our Year of Celebration has begun!  Four milestone events will happen during this Moose fiscal year – the 125th Anniversary of the Loyal Order of Moose; the 100th Anniversary of the Women of the Moose; the 100th Anniversary of the Moose Legion; and the 100th Anniversary of Mooseheart, our school and residential campus for children and teens in need.

In recognition of these once-in-a-lifetime events, we are asking each lodge, chapter, Moose Legion and member to GO THE DISTANCE and make this the most memorable year in Moose history.  Our first goal is to grow the membership and we will spend a great deal of time and resources on our retention initiatives as well as our production campaign. 

Moose – Go The Distance membership campaign package was mailed to each lodge on Monday, April 29th and should be received shortly.  It includes detailed campaign information, broadsides for the lodge and several other promotional pieces that you can use to promote this program beginning today.  (One clarification in the packet:  Moose – Go The Distance campaign merchandise will be available beginning Friday, May 24th at the Milwaukee Convention and through catalog sales after the close of the meeting.)

That’s right - $0 application fees all year long from May 1, 2013 – April 30, 2014!  This applies to all Loyal Order of Moose, Women of the Moose and Moose Legion applications.  There is no longer a reason to wait to bring new members into our fraternity.

sponsor at least one individual into the Fraternity, Moose – Go The Distance lapel recognition pins will once again be available through Moose International. As opposed to recent years when a small supply was sent in advance to every lodge, you will have to request an initial supply from the Membership Department, free of charge.

qualify for a year’s free dues in his primary lodge.  Life Members that sponsor two applications will receive a $15 gift certificate for the Moose Catalog Sales Store.

For each LOOM member that qualifies for the 5 Club, $5 will be donated to the Mooseheart School Renovation project courtesy of your state association.  We are asking each association to use the additional $5, which has traditionally been collected to ship award items, as seed money to start a local campaign to help promote membership.

A commemorative Moose membership card will be printed, starting today, for any new or renewed membership that occurs from May 1, 2013 through April 30th, 2014.  The cards are gold in color and feature the Mooseheart Centennial Logo in the lower left corner.  All other information on the card is exactly the same as before.  Both the existing green membership card and the new gold card should be honored at all lodges, assuming the “paid to” date in the lower right corner is current!  Cards that are not typically replaced annually (paid in advance, life members, etc.) will not be sent a new card, but can receive one for a small donation to the Mooseheart Renovation Project at the Membership Department display at convention or by contacting the Member Services team by phone any time after June 1st  (630-906-3658).


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